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    How to get the details of a third party person about his caste certificate which is produced during his job joining. I know that he produced a wrong caste certificate and got the job in Indian government company but I don’t have any proof to show.

    When I applied for RTI, they denied and did’t provide the information.Please share me if anybody has similar experience and how to proceed further to get the information. This is very important to me and reply urgently. Thanks

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    A similar question has been answered on Tilak Marg with regard to RTI application seeking third party information: Refusal of RTI information held in fiduciary capacity or supplied by third party and treated confidential. It mostly covers your question also.

    You can try to file appeal against refusal to provide RTI information. There is a provision for the second appeal also, and thereafter going to high court against refusal of information.

    Another option could be to file complaint with the appointing authority (or his higher authority if the appointing authority is complicit in the wrong appointment) about the fake caste certificate used and such authority can then conduct an enquiry and take action if the allegation is found to be true.

    Yet another option could perhaps be to approach the court (more so, if you have been denied the appointment due to the selection of the person with fake caste certificate), but then you’ll need to give some basic evidence in respect of your allegations.


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