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We, at, give prime importance to securing the privacy of your personal information and in the interest of transparency, we’re reproducing below the details of what type of data is collected from your visits to this site and how it is safeguarded. Please read carefully these details before proceeding to access this site.

(1) We assure you at the outset itself that whatever personal data is collected from your visits to this site will never be sold by us to third parties. Further, we never misuse any such data for any purposes, whatsoever.

(2) Visit analysis and web logs: We, at, use the market-standard Google Analytics and/or StatCounter to know and analyze the data regarding visits to this site. The data collected by this service may include details of your IP address, the ISP, browser used, operating system, date and time of visit, web pages visited on this site, etc. Their services are used much in a similar manner as used by hundreds of thousands of other websites on the Internet. Similarly, like almost all other sites on the Internet, the Web-hosting company, on which this site is hosted, may be collecting web logs, containing data of the similar nature as collected by Google Analytics / StatCounter, as mentioned above. We assure you that we don’t collect any personal details of the visitors to this site, such as your name, address, phone numbers, or any such similar details. Moreover, whatever data is collected, as mentioned above, is for the purposes of analyzing the visitor preferences on this site, to find out the number of visitors, to ascertain the popular pages on the site, browser preferences, language preferences, for diagnostic purposes, and the like, so as to enable us to serve you better by providing you better material on this site.

(3) Ads served on this site: We do not use any advertisements / ads on website, therefore, nothing needs to be added in this regard.

(4) Cookies and Web beacons: The cookies are used to store information like your time of stay, personal data you provide in comment section. As you might have noticed, Google Analytics / StatCounter are also used on this site which may use cookies and web beacons which are needed for them to collect some information like your IP address, ISP, browser, operating system, etc. If you so wish, you may disable cookies on your browser but it affects your interaction with this site.

(5) Comment and Contact: If you make a comment on a web page of this site, you’re required to provide your name and email address in the comment section and optionally your web site address. Your IP address may also get collected when you make a comment. This information will be used to contact you only in good faith and only in any case of a special need which may occur. In the normal course, we never contact visitors leaving comments on this site. In fact, even for replying to the comments, we generally reply in the comment section itself. Also, your email address is not published in the comments section. Moreover, the information collected in the comment section, as mentioned above, is not disclosed to any third parties.

(6) Forum Questions and Answers: If you ask a question and/or answer a question at the Tilak Marg Forum, you are required to login through your social media account (such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail), through the standard procedures of these social media sites. We only get your email address and your user name through such login. Your password is not collected by us and is not shared with us through such social media login. Likewise, we do not get any other personal details about you through your social media login, except what has been mentioned hereinabove. These details are treated by us in the same manner as mentioned in para (5) above relating to Comment and Contact section.

If you need any further information in this regard, you may contact us by sending email at info AT tilakmarg DOT com.

If you don’t agree to the above terms, you are free to stop using and stop visiting this website.