About Tilak Marg

Raison d’être:

Ignorantia juris non excusat (meaning “ignorance of law is no excuse”) is a well-known principle of law holding that a person who is unaware of a provision of law may not escape the liability for contravening that law on the ground only that he was unaware of that provision of law.

Knowing the law is thus quite important. But, there are thousands of enacted legislations existing in India, passed by its Parliament and various State Legislatures. Tens of thousands of decisions rendered by the Supreme Court of India also lay down “law” as declared under Article 141 of the Constitution of India. Then, there are hundreds of thousands of High Court decisions that are considered as precedents by the lower courts under the respective High Court. Add to that a plethora of Rules, Regulations, Orders, etc., made by various statutory authorities, which have the force of law. Thus, the task of knowing the law is quite daunting, to say the least.

This, in fact, is the principal mission of Tilak Marg, i.e., to spread the knowledge of law and its nuances, in its own humble way, to the extent possible, in a language that can be understood by a lay person who is not trained in law. It is a website devoted to issues relating to law and justice.

Why called “Tilak Marg”?

Well, Tilak Marg is the name of road in New Delhi that leads to the Supreme Court of India. This also explains the tagline of this website – “the road to justice”. What name, other than “Tilak Marg”, can better justify a website that is dedicated to covering topics on law and justice? After all, to borrow from Supreme Court’s own words, the Supreme Court has to play the role of “a sentinel on the qui vive” in order to perform its duties to safeguarding the Constitution and the rule of law in India. Therefore, naming this website as “Tilak Marg” is our own humble attempt to dedicate it to the Supreme Court, to the custodian of justice in India.


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