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Cheque bounce case

Presenting cheque again by date change by drawer can lead to...

Can a cheque bouncing case be instituted if the cheque is presented after the date being changed by the drawer? Read to know.

Death of Complainant in Cheque Bouncing 138 N.I. Act Complaint case

What happens when the complainant in a complaint case of cheque bouncing 138 N.I. Act dies during the pendency of the case? Read to know.

Tilak Marg

Permission to file a written statement after maximum period of 90...

Is it permissible for the court to permit filing of the written statement by the defendant in a civil suit beyond the maximum period of 90 days permissible under Order 8 Rule 1 of the Civil Procedure Code?
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

Challenge to an arbitral award makes the operational debt owed ‘disputed’:...

Whether the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 can be invoked in respect of an operational debt where an Arbitral Award has been passed against the operational debtor, which has not yet been finally adjudicated upon?