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    Dear sir
    I am, as of now 56years of age. Questions is how long I have to pay maintenance to my wife. By conducting tuition earning around rs. 3000/- in family court paying maintenance to wife.

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    It depends on the terms of the maintenance order. Does it mention any specific cut-off date up to which the maintenance has to be paid? If not, then the maintenance may have to be paid by you till the maintenance order is modified or cancelled by the appropriate court or the appellate court.

    Secondly, if you believe that due to your own financial hardships, you are not in a position to pay maintenance, you can file an application before the court for alteration / modification / cancellation of the maintenance order along with evidence of your reduced income. For example, if the maintenance order was passed under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code, you can file such application for alternation / cancellation of the maintenance order under Section 127 of the Cr.P.C.


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