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    Respected sir
    I lodge an FIR aginst 5 accused persons in a murder case. The DSP with collusion of the accused persons arrested only one among all and most probably he ‘ll remove their name in the challan.
    Whether I approach High Court to paas specific direction regarding impartial investigation under other superior authority ?
    What is the procedure for issuing such direction?
    Whether I ask for immediate arrest of other 4 accused persons?

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    The role of an accused depends on the detailed facts of a case. All the accused persons may not have the same role in a case.

    If you feel that the police officer is not conducting the investigation properly and is trying to shield the accused persons, you can first approach the senior police officers (like SP of the district). You may also request them to transfer the case to some other impartial police officer. If your grievances are not addressed by them, then you can try approaching the high court by filing a petition, seeking directions for a proper investigation, if necessary by transfer of the investigation to some other officer or to CID or the Crime Branch, etc.


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