Difference between Injunction Order and Interim Relief ?

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    Respected Sir,

    I would like to know the difference between an injunction order and application for Interim relief. I also would like to know if these applications are filed together or after filing of the injunction suit. Lastly are they taken up by the same judge and do i have to mention in my application for interim relief that i have filed a suit seeking injunction.

    Thank you in advance sir.

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    From your question, it appears that you are referring to a suit for injunction. If this the scenario, then injunction order would be final order that would be passed in the suit if you succeed in it. Interim relief would be an order that is passed by court during the pendency of the suit. Sometimes, an interim / temporary injunction order is sought during the pendency of the suit, in which case that itself may amount to an interim relief.

    You have to make specific separate prayer / application for an interim relief. It is granted by the same court during the pendency of the suit.


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