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    Judgement debtor ex party in lower court, since 24 months plus nor he appeeared nor his advocate,

    court passed orders,8.3.17 warrent of possession, orders excueted, 27.11.17
    JD ex party, appears in court of law, 30.11.17, filed application to appoint Local commissioner. application dissmissed, order 18.12.17. JD filed revision in high court for order 8.3.17, qnd 18.12.17.

    please advise

    what is law about : in one application two order revision maintainable. ask two reliefs ??, maintainable.??

    Can challange two orders in one application

    JD Ex party in lower court 24 months plus nor JD nor his advocate appear in court. but order ex party on 3.8.17,
    not restored his position in lower court, JD eligible to file revision in high court ??

    8.3.17 order can be challange in high court after one year.

    pleas advise /help
    sushil mehta +919418621618

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    Where an ex parte decree / order is passed, the limitation period is 30 days, but it is counted from the date when applicant had knowledge of the decree where the summons or notice was not duly served. So, the beginning of the limitation period would depend on the facts of each case.


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