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    My house trespassed, case filed, decreed, house Evicted september, 2014, by court order, i travelled abroad, again trespassed, November 2014, police complaint FIR after 21 months JULY 2016, 8.3.2017 My advocate oarally appraised to court House again trespassed other portion, FIR registered, etc. court passed the order, for eviction of house, WOP issued, 24 may JD Created hindrance, (JD exparty since December 2015, but court passed exparty oerder August 2017,)
    June holidays, August 2017 court transfered, New court joined and appraised and prayed to refresh the preceeding court order, order refreshed, WOP issued, excueted, 27.11.17, JD appread in court, filed application to apponit Local commissioner, his application dissmissed, court mentioned in order remedy is revision, now jd filed revision, in high court chandigarh, against orders 8.3.17, AND LC application dissmissal.

    please advise: REVISION IS MAINTAINABLE FOR 8.3.17 ORDER and LC application 18.12.17 order.
    JD Exparty not restored his position in lower court, eligible to file revision in high court,
    two orders can be challaged in one application.
    please visit www . mediafire . com /nrihrypklpolicekill to eye on related documents: open older name High court Revision 1566…….
    Sushil Mehta +9418621618

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    Your similar question has been answered at: ex parte, civil procedure law – revision petition in high court. It is more or less a duplicate question. Please also appreciate that, as mentioned in our Forum guidelines, it is not possible for us to give correct guidance on the detailed facts of a case, without having seen the detailed documents. In fact, such guidance would not be in your own interests since guidance on facts, without seeing full facts, may be misleading. So, please consult some local lawyer and show him all your relevant documents.


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