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    with due respect all, matter in very brierf

    i am sushil mehta senior citizen, victim of local mafia, using my relatives, police , advocates, court etc involve to grab my house, it is there bussiness active since many years active in gurugram, panchkula, faridabad etc

    my house trespassed by lock breaking year 2006, garage portion illigally occupied, demanded 30 lacs to vacate, CS 265/2007 filed , later amended to suit for possession.
    suit decreed 17.4.13, lock breaker fist appeal dismissed, RSA 4362 ALSO DISSMISSED, 25.11.14, DECESION FINDINGS OWNERSHIP ETC. AFTER THREE STAGES OF LITIGATION BECOME FINAL. house evicted 15.9.14, main gate locked, again trespassed november 2014, FIR 224 REGISTERED 9.7.16, after 21 months. many complaints to police but no action by police,
    on dated 8.3.17 my than advocate appraised the court house again trepassed, FIR also registered. court passed the orders of 2nd eviction with police help. WOP issued, but orders not excuted, after june holiday report submitted, court said will pErsue the file etc. next month court transfered, neW court again appraised, order passed WOP issued excueted 27.11.17, Jd and his advocate never APPEARED in court 23 months on 7.7.17 court passed orders JD is ex party, since december 2015 not appeared, on 30.11.17 jd filed application for to appoint LC, eviction order is illigal, etc. his LC application dissmissed. due to cpc 26 /9 etc.

    now jd filed writ revision 226 article in PH High court, challange orders of LC application dissmissal and orders of 8.3.17, eviction order,

    above is in very brief next date is 16th april, my advocate said pray for time to reply etc.

    Hon’ble member may visit my web page

    please open folder A 01 PH High court writ revision > click and open inside folder Revision 1566, here are files are JD revision petition , my drafted facts etc. rest of all related files challenged orders etc. all out side the folder
    please advise in view of fact file this writ petition is maintainable , ???, what possible high court action i am true self accured owner adjudged and upheld up to Hon’ble high court. JD adjudge illigal and unauthurised in my house up held up to high court evicted > again trespassed evicted both time by court order.

    Thanks and regards
    sushil mehta +919418621618

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    Please read the guidelines for asking questions on this Forum, and in particular, the following:

    “(5) What is replied here is “legal” questions or questions of “law”, and NOT detailed questions of “facts”. So, questions with detailed facts may not be answered, for which, in fact, it is in your own interests to contact some local lawyer who can study all relevant facts with the help of your detailed case papers (which is beyond the scope of this public forum). …”

    It is not possible for us to read detailed facts of a case, read their drafting, petitions, etc. We cannot reply to such detailed facts and we have already made it clear in our guidelines for asking questions.

    Please consult your lawyer, and if needed, some other local lawyer for the issues raised by you.


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