What is Zero FIR?


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    My friend filed a complaint with a police but they said that they can only register a Zero FIR and will not give it a regular FIR Number. What is Zero FIR?

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    When a cognizable offence takes place, upon a complaint being filed, a First Information Report (FIR) is registered by the police station having territorial jurisdiction to investigate into that offence. It is the regular FIR with a regular FIR Number.

    However, if the complaint of such cognizable offence is given to some other police station (which may be nearby to the person giving such report) which does not have territorial jurisdiction to investigate into such offence (since it has not occurred in its area) then it may register the FIR with a Zero FIR Number and then send / forward this Zero FIR to the concerned police station having proper jurisdiction. Such police station will then re-register such FIR with a regular FIR Number.

    Thus, an FIR registered by a police station having no territorial jurisdiction to investigate into the offence is generally registered under Zero Number, and is generally referred to as Zero FIR under common parlance.


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