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    I have been working in autonomous body institutions (CSIR) Since 23 Sept. 2015. This institutions services rules is one year probation period. I joined this institutions and continued worked post as ASSISTANT IN HINDI DEPARTMENT.During the serviced period office filled PRAN Form and filled this form and concerned official send it but few days PRAN office send a letter for me your pan card is all ready exist in PRAN account. So my office concerned official ask me. Did you work any govt. Service and had PRAN account. So I said that yes I had worked in 2013 Indian railway job post as group D. So this matter going on my office high authority and they are terminated me on 16 Sept. 2016 before on my one weak my probation period. So go for Chennai court and filled a case. So I want sir you tell me if possible I win this case or not win. Please sir reply me and you having any suggestions you give me
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    Success or failure in a case in court will depend on the facts of the case concerned. It is not possible for us to predict that, without even knowing the details of your case, as to on what specific grounds your services were terminated. Please consult some local lawyer and show him your detailed papers.

    Usually, probation period can be terminated by passing a simpliciter order, without specifying any particular default. It can be done if the performance during probation was not satisfactory. Your lawyer will have to examine what ground is mentioned in the termination order, also the relevant rules of the organisation as to under what conditions the probation period can be terminated.


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