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    sir, i had lost my vehicle parked infront of my house on 22nd of october 2017. it was a brand new vehicle just two months old . the same day itself i had approached the police station. i asked the police to register a FIR against my stolen vehicle but they insisted me to wait n watch fro two to three days if the vehicle is found somewhere near by . As per their instructions i waited & got my FIR registered on 29th of october.
    I informed the Insurance company about my stolen vehicle for my insurance claim of theft vehicle claim. i had collected all d documentation required for the process. But the insurance company person is now saying that your FIR registration is delayed by 7 days so there is a possibility that your clalim may get rejected. Instead he is suggesting me to get a letter from the concerned police station regarding the delay of the FIR. Whereas the police is refusing to give any of such letters regarding the delay of the FIR.
    I am in a big trouble so as what to do next because my insurance amount is arround 1.5k . please suggest me what can be done through this …. thanking you

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    This is the problem with police. They generally avoid registering FIRs wherever possible. And, then, the citizens suffer.

    It would have been advisable for you to get at least a General Diary (if not the FIR) made in the police station at the time when you first went there with your complaint of your vehicle having been stolen. That could have conclusively proved that you had filed the complaint immediately on time.

    Secondly, if you have any acknowledgement for your initial complaint lodged with police, that may also be of help. Any other evidence of lodging the complaint on time may also be of help (such as presence of some friend, etc., when the complaint was first lodged). Your mobile phone location, showing your presence in the police station at the time when you first went to police station can also perhaps be of help, You may try to get mobile phone location from the telecom operator.

    Thirdly, you have to check with the clauses of the Insurance policy. Can they reject the insurance claim merely because there is a delay in registration of the FIR? Is there a clause in the insurance police to that effect? In any case, the whole world knows that police officers generally avoid registering the FIRs. So, the insurance company should also know this.

    Moreover, vehicle theft is not like a mobile phone theft. There is a difference between some item getting lost and getting stolen (theft). Insurance claim is generally given in the case of theft and not in the case of loss. While it is easy to lose one’s mobile (one may keep it somewhere, in a shop, college, or elsewhere, and then forget it), but it is generally not possible to lose one’s vehicle. A vehicle is generally stolen (i.e., theft) and not simply lost. The insurance people should know the difference. You can point it out.

    You’ll have to fight with the insurance company as well with the police officers concerned, to get the matter sorted out. Approach their senior officers, if needed.

    If needed, you may have to escalate the issue with the Ombudsman of the Insurance company. Even filing a complaint in the consumer court may also have to be considered, if nothing else works out.


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