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    Dear sir
    I have a querry regarding recruitment from karnataka.
    Recently on sept 2016 a commission in karnataka notified for recruitmentof panchayat development officer. They conducted exams on jan 29, 2017.
    They announced provisional key answers in feb 2017 and asked for objections . And the given period was 15 days.
    After 15 days from last date to file objection the final key answers were published by the Commission.
    But few candidates went to administrative tribunal in karnataka on may 30, 2017.
    The tribunal disposed the case and ordered the Commission to refer the objections to expert committee and redo the merit list.
    The Commission has followed the courts and after one month it anounced result revieving few key answers.
    Actually there are many questions to be revieved but the expert committee failed to do it.
    Seeking the relief few candidates again appealed the karnataka administrative tribunal but the tribunal has dissmed the case citing the expert committee decision final as ordered by the apex court.
    Dear sir the real problem for me is i never went to tribunal for seeking relief. But i want file a petition in high court.
    Can i go? If yes on what basis? And a what kind of petition should i file?
    Kindly guide me .
    Thanking you.

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    You have already asked this question earlier, which has been replied to (see: Recruitment of PDO in Karnataka – answers to question in exam revised). Now you are asking almost the same question again by creating a new User ID. Please do not repeat your question. It wastes our time in reading your lengthy question and replying to the same again and again. We do not have unlimited time to answer the queries, since there are other users also to be replied to. We’ll be constrained to block you as a user if a question is repeated unnecessarily. Moreover, if you have a supplementary question, please ask in the same chain, i.e., below the answer given to you earlier. Do not create a new user ID and ask the same question again.


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