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    Hello sir , I have applied for divorce In the month of January 2018. Till now my husband did not even receive the summons. I don’t want to wait endlessly for this leanthy process of years. Will it be a problem for my case if I want to have a living relationship with another person before my divorce is granted.

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    Usually, it may take a few years to get the divorce case completed in most states. Further, there may be appeal(s), which may take further time for disposal. In fact, even divorce by mutual consent also would take about 8-9 months.

    It would be advisable for you to negotiate with your husband and file an application for divorce on the basis of mutual consent. That will ensure an early and uncontested divorce.

    Live-in relationship with another man while your first marriage is still valid, may not be a good idea. It may land the man in legal trouble of adultery offence as and when it comes to the knowledge of your husband.


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