If employee transferred unreasonably to different office, can he come late?

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    If the authority has transferred an employee to a different office unreasonably without considering his genuine problems, and if the employee attends the office late and leaves the office early everyday, then whether any action could be taken by the authority against the employee for such late coming and early going back?

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    As far as I understand, generally, no employer or authority would allow an employee coming late every day and going back early every day. If the employee has a genuine problem, he can speak to the authority concerned for permission to do so. But, if such permission (to come late and leave early, everyday) is not granted, then the employee cannot do so everyday. Action can definitely be taken against such employee in accordance with rules applicable.

    Generally, transfer of an employee may be inevitable sometimes if it is a large organisation, especially in Government. If you are working in Government sector, you can even file a petition challenging your unreasonable transfer in the appropriate tribunal or court. However, it may not be possible for the authority concerned to always keep you posted at one place itself. Of course, it may depend on the nature of the employer, and there are some organisations where the employee would never be transferred.

    But, suppose the employee has been transferred and he has no legal remedy left against such transfer, then he has to abide by the office rules. Any violation of the discipline rules may attract penalty or action, unless such violation is permitted by the authority concerned.


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