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    Ashok Rege

    We have a 100 yr old property in Belgaum, Karnataka. This property is being sold out shortly. We are 2 brothers and 7 sisters. Suppose we get Rs.100, how this 100 rupees will be divided amongst us. Also, please let us know what is the rule and what is the rule number and the online link to find the same.

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    Your question is quite vague and unclear. Perhaps you want to know if there are 9 successors to a property (I am presuming under Hindu Law), including 2 brothers and 7 sisters, then how should the sale proceeds of the property be distributed.

    Presuming this to be your question, and also presuming that these are the only 9 successors, then the property shall be distributed under the provisions of Section 8 or Section 15 of the Hindu Succession Act, depending on whether this property was that of a Hindu male or a Hindu female.

    The property will be divided into 9 equal shares, with each brother and each sister taking one equal part each.


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