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    For engaging advocates and for signing documents in courts, such as vakalatnama, affidavits, replies, rejoinders, petitions, etc., our company had authorized an employee by a resolution of the board of directors. Now, that employee has left the job and is not working with our company. He had already signed vakalatnamas for some advocates. Now, do we have to authorize some other employee for signing all these documents? Will this newly authorized employee have to sign fresh vakalatnamas for the advocates already engaged?

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    If your company has some ongoing cases, then you should definitely authorize some new officer to sign the court documents. This is necessary because there should someone who can sign documents such as affidavits, petitions, replies, rejoinders, etc., which may be required in connection with the pending cases.

    However, if the previously authorized officer has already signed certain documents, such as vakalatnamas for advocates, there may not be any need to sign such documents again or afresh. Only new documents need to be signed by the new authorized officer of the company.


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