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    My grandfather sold all his land to his two daughters (including my mother). He sold everything except a small farming land and nobody knew about it. We had an understanding that he gave everything to her daughters. In 2006, a land settlement happened in which my mother was supposed to get some land and suppose to give some land to her partners. In this land settlement, my mother sold a piece of land (assuming that she owns it) to her partners. Now she had signed a paper which was supposed to be signed my grandfather. In 2017, the concerned person had filled a case under 420 for fraud signature. We are willing to give that piece of land to the concerned party but they are not agreeing to the settlement. What options do we have? Can we file an anticipatory bail?


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    Offence under Section 420 IPC is a non-bailable offence, due to which it is possible to apply for anticipatory bail under Section 438 of the Cr.P.C. So, if the other party is not willing to settle the matter, you can apply for anticipatory bail.


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