Cancellation of Bail by Sessions Court when bail was granted by High Court

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    Wether the Spl. (ACB) Court of Sessions has jurisdiction to cancel the bail granted by High Court for non compliance of condition imposed of which relaxation application is pending before SC ?

    Should the Spl. (ACB) Court of Sessions consider the 2 sub judice matter pending before the SC ?

    What should be contended by accused in person ?

    Whether there is any citation / judgement which can be reffered by the accused apearing in person ?

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    Section 439(2) of the Criminal Procedure Code lays down as under:

    “(2) A High Court or Court of Session may direct that any person who has been released on bail under this Chapter be arrested and commit him to custody.”

    This means that, legally speaking, the Court of Session has the power to cancel the bail granted to any person even if such bail was granted by the high court, since bail under the relevant Chapter (mentioned in the above sub-section) includes bail granted by the high court too.

    Of course, this would be done by the Sessions Court only if the conditions for grant of bail have been violated, since it cannot otherwise overturn the bail granted by high court in an appeal; that can be done only by Supreme Court.

    However, even if the Sessions Court may have this power, in practice it would not be done in any case if the bail had initially been granted by the High Court. If for no other reason, then at least by way of judicial discipline, the Sessions Court would almost never do it. In such cases, the Sessions Court may advise the person concerned to approach the High Court (if the High Court had granted bail initially) for cancellation of bail.


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