After how many days general diary of police station will close?

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    Sir, after how many days general diary of police station will close?

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    Your question is not quite clear as it is not understood what do you mean to ask. Anyway, let me try to answer it the way I understood your question.

    The general diary of a police station is usually in the form of a book that contains 100 blank pages. The general diary is continued in that book till all pages in it are exhausted. Once all 100 pages are full, a new general diary book is started.

    But, the general diary is otherwise maintained on day to day basis. This implies that usually the general diary will start with entry No. 1 at 12 am midnight for the new date. The subsequent entries in the general diary will be given sequential numbers, such as 2, 3, 4, etc., till the next date, till 12 am midnight when the new numbering from Entry No. 1 will start again for the new date.

    However, as I mentioned, the entries for the next date are also made in the same 100-page book till there are pages left in that book. Once a general diary book of 100 pages get completed, a new book is started. This process goes on.


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