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    Sir – In the Bina Ramani forgery case, the FIR was registered in 2006 but the chargesheet was filed only in 2013. How can such a thing happen? The plaintiff can only get the FIR registered and if I understand it right, it is the duty of the police to frame chargesheet. How do we ensure that after we file an FIR with the police, they don’t take so many years to file chargesheet? How come so much of delay in this case?
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    This is an academic question. How are you connected with Bina Ramani case? We are trying to help people with genuine legal difficulties, but not for cases where the querist is not even remotely connected.

    As regards another part of your question relating to delay in charge sheet, I have recently replied a similar question in delay in chargesheet. Please go through it.


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