Rajasthan HC grants freedom and police security to woman converted to Islam


The Rajasthan High Court, comprising a bench of Justices Gopal Krishna Vyas and Manoj Kumar Garg, in the case of Chirag Singhvi v. State of Rajasthan and Anr., has ruled in favor of a girl who had converted her religion from Hindu to Muslim to marry a Muslim man and has given her the liberty to go and reside with him.

In the instant case, a Writ Petition of Habeas Corpus was filed by the petitioner whose sister was preparing for RAS examination and all of a sudden on 25.10.2017 she left the house. When the Petitioner submitted a report to the police, he was informed that his sister had made an application to the Commissioner of Police Jodhpur stating that she had converted her religion and had subsequently married Faiez Modi according to Muslim customs. The police thus refused to register the FIR.

The High Court had on 01.11.2017 after ascertaining her consent had sent his sister Pallavi to Nari Niketan, Jodhpur.

The High Court observed,

“Today, again we have ascertained the willingness of the corpus Payal Singhvi. The corpus Payal Singhvi stated before us that she is major and she was not in illegal detention of any person, therefore, she may be set at free.

After considering the willingness of the corpus Payal Singhvi, who is major of 23 years of age, the corpus Payal Singhvi is set at free and she is permitted to go as per her will. However, the learned AAG appearing for the State is directed to provide police security to the corpus Payal Singhvi to reach at the place of her desire.”

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