Paper submission at Oxford Symposium on Population and Environment


There is a call for papers at the Oxford Symposium on Population, Migration and Environment is being held on the 21st and 22nd March, 2016. The last date for submission of the papers is 22nd February 2016.

Suggested topics within selected disciplines may include, but are not limited to, the following.


Malthusian Economics

Overpopulation and Poverty

Human Migration and Labor Supply

Value of Human Capital

Public Policy Economics

Economic Theory

Political Economics

Economic Demography

Economics of Aging and Youth

Extractive Economies and Overpopulation

Pollution Coefficient


Education as Positive Check on Population

Childbearing and Education

Education of Women

Ignorance and Population

Education and Migration

Human Capital and Environment

Measuring Human Capital

Family Planning Worldwide

Environmental Ethics

 Environmental Studies

Climate Change and Sustainability

Environmental History

Population and Climate Change

Environmental Protection Politics

Environmental Pollution

Fossil Fuels and Sustainability

Energy and Natural Resources

Environmental Impact Analyses

 Food and Agriculture

Malthus’ Postulate on Food and Sex

Food, Poverty, and Human Migration

Fertility and Food

Environmental Laws and Food Production

Agricultural Laws and Policy

Sufficiency of Nourishment


Population and Law

Abstinence and Contraception

Nations and Human Migration

Law and Women’s Rights

Environmental and Natural Resources Law

Human Rights of Migrants

Oil and Gas Law

Health Care of Migrants

Labor Law

 Political Science

Population and Politics

War and Human Migration

Climate Change and Population

Politics of Human Migration

Population and National Security

Environmental Politics

Poverty and Overpopulation

Climate Change and Population


Religion and the Environment

Climate Change and Religion

Women’s Education and Population

Religious Tenets and Overpopulation

Religion, Health, and Population

Women’s Rights and Birth Control

Christian and Muslim Beliefs

 Sociology and Demography

Demographic Trends

Fertility Rates

Birthrate and Women’s Ages

Birthrates and Poverty

Gender Equality and Birthrates

Aging Populations

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