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The end of the Cold War around 1989 changed the course of international law which created a new international legal order.  International law is a dynamic subject, which has seen dramatic changes in the 20th Century.  The movement of decolonization resulting in the emergence of newer independent states and the emergence of the UN is the cause behind the change.  This apart, instances of non-compliance with international Rule of Law by powerful States have indeed questioned the validity or relevance of this branch of law.  To add up to the woes, International Law is also caught in the turf over the north-south divide, where the voices of the so called third world States’ voices are seldom heard.  Given this introduction, the course has been formulated having the following objectives in mind:


The course is designed to just give a basic understanding of the subject.  This subject would moreover act as a foundational subject of other branches of International Law International Law like International Human Rights Law, Maritime Law, and Law Relating to Outer Space etc.  This course would also give a basic orientation to students intending to participate in International Moot Court Competitions.  At the end of the course the students will be able to:

Understand the theoretical underpinnings of the subject which includes principles, theories, doctrines that have contributed to the growth and development of International Law;

Develop clear insights into contemporary issues of international law and politics;

Develop research aptitude in Public International Law and contribute to the overall development of international law;

Who can take part?

All those who are studying Law or Management, can take part in this course. Maximum 20 students would be there in a batch. The course would go on for 10 weeks wherein classes would be for 3 Hours per week.

Course Co-Cordinator: Mr. U. Varadharajan, Assistant Professor, Institute of Law, NIRMA UNIVERSITY.

Registration and Course Fees:

  • Rs.2,500/- for students of ILNU
  • Rs.3,500/- for other Students

Students can register themselves with Dr. Harmik Vaishnav, Co-Ordinator, CCE, Institute of Law, Nirma University or e-mail him at Registration will be first come first serve basis.  The Registration fees can be paid in cash or cheque in the name of ‘Centre for Continuing Education’, Nirma University.

Soft Copies of Reading Material will be provided.

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