KSOL National Parliamentary Debate Competition, 2016 from 4th to 6th March, 2016


The Debating Society of KIIT School of Law is organizing the third edition of the KSOL National Parliamentary Debate Competition, 2016 that is to be held from 4th March to 6th March, 2016. This Parliamentary Debate Competition is to be held in Bhubaneswar.

Format: The Format of the Parliamentary Debate Competition will be the 3v3 Asians format.

This is a pre notification and the formal invite, adjudication core, accommodation etc would be announced soon. By that time, you can provisionally register by clicking here.

There is an institutional capacity of 32 events.

The registrations are to be made by 15th January, 2016.


There are prizes worth 1.6 lakh cash prizes.

  • Speaker:
    1. 1st Prize– Rs. 8,000/-
    2. 2nd Prize– Rs. 5,000/-
    3. 3rd Prize – Rs. 3,000/-
  • Teams:
    1. 1st Prize – Rs. 50,000/-
    2. 2nd Prize – Rs. 30,000/-
    3. 3rd Prize – Rs. 20,000/-
    4. 4th Prize – Rs. 20,000/-
  • Adjudicators:
    1. 1st Prize – Rs. 12,000/-
    2. 2nd Prize – Rs. 10,000/-
    3. 3rd Prize – Rs. 7,000/-

For further details/clarifications/queries you can contact:

Parichita Chowdhury: +91 8093770423

Ugesh Kumar: +91 9040657303

Saunak Rajguru: +917377464252

Or you can alternatively shoot an email to: klsnationalpd2016@gmail.com

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