Applications invited at Students for Liberty’s Local Coordinator Program


To join the Students for Liberty one has to first join as a Local Coordinator. Students for Liberty is one of the largest Libertarian group for students in the world. Once you are a Local Area Coordinator, you can go on to become an Executive Board member representing your area in various meetings, forums, conferences given endless opportunities for an SFLer.

How to Apply?

To apply for the Students for Liberty’s Local Coordinator Program, click here.

Quoting from their website,

“We are looking for students who are interested in dedicating their time to growing the student movement for liberty. A prerequisite is an interest in the ideas of politics, economics, philosophy, history, law and social sciences in general. Successful applicants are not necessarily the ones who are already aware of these subjects, but those who are most keen to learn and open to new ideas.”

For further details visit their website at:

For further quries/clarifications/details you can mail to Abhinav Singh, South Asia Programs Manager at

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