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    T Anggo

    In the case an ex officer of the PSU bank was on medical leave and submitted all his medical and fitness certificate from the district hospital as per the provision of the bank on the last day of tenure in the bank ie he joined back from the medical leave to be released on the final day. But apparently the branch manager did not forward all his papers to higher office and the same tenure was declared as absence and the salary was deducted for the same period. When the rti was put the bank did not accept rti by mandating that matter is not covered under the formation clause of the rti act.
    Kindly guide what is the limitation period for the same and what is the legal remedy to reimburse the wrongful deduction. Will the rti extend the limitation period. In which court can the matter be taken. Period of absence was approximately 40 days.

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    For filing a writ petition in a service matter in the high court, there is no limitation period. If the service matter is to be challenged in the Central Administrative Tribunal, the limitation period is one year, generally.

    There is no limitation period for filing an RTI application, as far as I understand. For filing appeal against refusal to give information under RTI is 30 days.


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