What case can I file against doctor for medical negligence

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    My daughter had viral fever for 2-3 days. She was taken to a doctor in Delhi. However, after his negligent treatment, my daughter’s condition worsened. Thereafter, she had to be admitted to a hospital for about one month. The whole treatment cost me about Rs. 12 lakh, even though it started with just viral fever. And, now she has to take bed rest for another 2-3 months, as advised by the hospital. The doctors in the hospital told me that the treatment given by the first doctor was so wrong that it led to other complications which even threatened the life of my daughter at one stage. What case can I file against the doctor for medical negligence?

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    If you have evidence to prove a case of medical negligence, then you may have following three options for taking action against the doctor who is responsible for such medical negligence:
    (1) File a case before the consumer court for medical negligence for deficiency in services rendered to you causing financial loss to you as well as mental and physical harassment.
    (2) File a complaint before the Medical Council of India, which is the disciplinary and controlling authority for doctors.
    (3) Depending upon the facts of the case, you may also file a police complaint with the concerned police station, if the facts disclose commission of a cognizable offence.


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