to start NGO '' fight for justice''

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    I am an Administrator(Dy. Collector) turned lawyer. My practice is of 28 years.
    During my practice i noticed:
    1 that the victims of road accidents are mostly from very poor class mostly Adiwasi and these victims are harassed by Lawyers taking exorbit fees with some unprofessional tractics.
    secondly the Judiciary by its raguis and unsympathetic and dull attitude.
    2. Many poor litigants are coming and going for years to gather without any result for their issues.
    3. In Vadodara a unique fashion is prevailing that is transferring of cases from one court to another.During this process not only months but years are passed and no attention is being paying by any authority.
    4. The Hon’able High Court is simply doing its own works and hardly pay any attention to such causes.
    Therefore, I thought that if i protest individually may not be given proper attention. Hence i want to start a NGO
    for the purpose.
    Will you pl. guide me in the matter.

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    It is a noble cause. You may register your NGO as a society or a trust, under the relevant applicable laws of your state. Though, even an unregistered NGO may be sufficient if your purpose is to help the people outside the courts, but it is advisable that you get it registered if you want to approach the courts in the form of public interest litigation. Another option is to file such public interest litigation (and/or helping the needy people) in your personal name, citing your credentials.


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    Thank you sir.

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