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    Sir, I have worked in a private company on contract basis for 6 months period and I didn’t asked and received work experience certificate from employer because of I felt it is not worth at that time, but unfortunately, I need certificate and same I requested to employer and employer issued certificate but he is mentioned the certificate issued date is my last working day(6 months back) in that company instead of present date, it will acceptable under evidence act?

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    You have not clarified as to why do you want to know about the admissibility / acceptability of the work experience certificate under the Evidence Act. From your question, it appears that you need this certificate for getting some fresh contract or work from some other company. If that is the case, the new employer will not ask you to prove the experience certificate under the Evidence Act. And, you have mentioned as to whether some litigation is going on with regard to that experience certificate.

    In any case, if the company had prepared the certificate at an earlier time but given you now, it would be accepted under the Evidence Act even if it is a subject matter of some litigation.


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