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    Respected Sir,

    Please suggest me that : I am facing a criminal case against me @ 420 IPC, I have handled my case very actively with the help taken from your valuable site. This case a lame case and does not have any ground and even the complainant is changing her statements very frequently.

    My question is that : somebody suggested me to make a list of allegations and the defense. Like what is their allegation and what is our defense? They said that it would be very helpful for Judge to understand my case. Point to be noted that my case has many turning points and it is very difficult case to understand. Although anti party is fully enjoying sympathy card. But I am fighting this fight by actual facts & figures and even with authentic evidences.

    So please suggest me whether it would be easy for me to submit the main points of our defense and to say to the judge that please keep it their point of view when they will deliver verdict? Will they accept is easily of I should take the help of my advocate for this? Please help in detail in this regard.

    Thanks in advance

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    It is always advantageous to submit the written arguments at the conclusion of the case, wherein you can mention all your main points in respect of each and every piece of allegation and/or in respect of the evidence that has come against you.

    So, take every allegation and the evidence that has come on record against you, and then give a reply to it along with your defence and your explanation in respect of that. You can explain as to how such allegation is not substantiated on record by evidence.

    Section 314 of the Criminal Procedure Code also permits a memorandum of arguments to be submitted by each party in writing at the conclusion of the trial.


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