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    Staff selection commission field an SLP after 8 months of delhi high court judgement on 11.5.18…All defects has been removed. Summer vacations have already started.
    1.In what time can I get my SLP number and first hearing…does registrar officers work in holidays also.
    2. Can slp be dismissed on first hearing..Will it be precedence for the same cases pending in high court..Or it can be precedenced only after the debate on the matter

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    Registry in the Supreme Court works during the vacations. So, the SLP Number may be given during the summer vacation also.

    However, the listing of the SLP before the regular bench of the Supreme Court will not be made during the vacation, unless it is an urgent matter and a specific request is made for its listing during vacation.

    Most of the SLPs are dismissed on the first date of hearing. So, yes, it is possible that the SLP could be dismissed on the first date of hearing.

    If the SLP is dismissed on the first date, without issuing notice, and without hearing the case in detail (as is generally the case), it may not be precedent for other cases.


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