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    Respected sir.
    My grandmother own the property it was being brought by my grandfather (not alive)is my uncle hold the right to sell gm live with them.she earn money in form of government pension.can she able to sell it land on which a 3 storey building is built.we have voter ID of here.means permanent address as this house.but land paper is in hand of my uncle.i have 4 uncle,are they all share equal rights to have a part in that property or not at all.And my grandmother can sell it for any reason as she prosper enough.and we have partition for 20 year’s.or we have to fight title.

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    Cannot comment on the facts of your case in the absence of having seen the detailed facts.

    But, generally speaking, it is not possible for a person to sell the property which is in the name of his mother, unless there is a power of attorney given to him by his mother.     

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