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    I am having a PLI policy , the premium of which is deducted from salary by Rlys till my retirement in October 2017.As it would take two more years for maturity, I approached nearest post office to issue premium receipt book to continue remittance. To my horror they informed that my premium was credited only upto August 2015, due to computer problem at GPO and so premium receipt book can not be issued now.Later i came to know that several Rly employees are thus affected.
    Hence,I sought information through on line RTI,about the computer problem and procedure for continuing policy.To this CPIO informed that there was no computer problem at GPO and i could approach nearby post office for premium receipt book. CPIO also provided a photocopy of the relevent page of POLI rules 2011.Equipped with this I sent a regd. letter to nearest post office for premium receipt book. The post master replied with a letter stating that premium was accounted in my PLI account upto August 2015,but I can submit a request with photocopies of last 6 month payslips showing deduction by Rlys.
    On 15/4/18, I filed 1st appeal to PMG seeking correct position of PLI imbroglio.He disposed the appeal on 8/5/18 observing that CPIO acted against the spirit of RTI Act,and so directed CPIO to furnish available information and transfer the request to the CPIO concerned ,if required.
    Though PMG could have gathered required information from his subordinates and counterparts and conveyed to me, he chose to revert back the case to CPIO. Now,can I expect a reply from CPIO or appellate authority? How long I should wait? The appellate authority has stated that second appeal against his decision shall lie with central information commission within 90 days of the receipt of the order.Can i approach investigating authorities with available records as the issue smells foul and several employees are affected?
    Your valuable suggestion is requested to move further on this issue.

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    Whether or not the computer was functioning, if you have evidence of deduction of the premium from your salary, the Post department should account for the missing credits. You should collect details of all the premia collected from your salary by the Railways. With this evidence, you should approach the concerned authorities of the Post department for the needful to account for the missing credits and for the premium receipt book. If they do not take action, then you can approach the higher authorities in the department. If your grievance is still not addressed, then you may approach either the Vigilance / Ombudsman of the Post department, or the appropriate court / tribunal seeking directions for necessary action in your matter. If you suspect a fraud with a criminal intent, then you may even file a complaint with police.


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