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    Hi sir- My quash petition was filed 2 weeks ago in high court but the status is still shown as Pending for admission. How long does it generally take for the high court to list quashing cases? When will the concerned police station be informed so that they are aware of the quash petition in high court? Many thanks.

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    From your question, it appears that you are referring to the first listing of the case before the court after its filing. Please note that fresh listing of cases in court differs from court to court. Each high court has its own rules and procedures for listing of cases. For example, in Delhi high court, generally a fresh criminal case is listed after 3 days or so, but in Bombay High Court fresh listing may sometimes take even months (unless it is mentioned for an early listing).

    So, you may have to ask your local lawyer in the high court (you have not named the high court) on this issue. If necessary, you may ask your lawyer to mention the case before the court for an early listing.


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