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    1. can I file civil suits and pvt complaints on behalf of my wife without GPA…? and argue the matter in the court as party in person…? give evidence on behalf of her…?

    if GPA is mandatory…..

    3. GPA holder can argue the matter on behalf of the principal in civil and criminal cases….?

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    Relevant provisions of Civil Procedure Code are reproduced here for your information:

    Order 3 Rule 1. Appearances, etc., may be in person, by recognised agent or by pleader


    Recognised Agents and Pleaders

    1. Appearances, etc., may be in person, by recognised agent or by pleader.— Any appearance, application or act in or to any Court, required or authorised by law to be made or done by a party in such Court, may, except where otherwise expressly provided by any law for the time being in force, be made or done by the party in person, or by his recognised agent, or by a pleader 1[appearing, applying or acting, as the case may be,] on his behalf:

    Provided that any such appearance shall, if the Court so directs, be made by the party in person.

    2. Recognised agents.— The recognised agents of parties by whom such appearances, applications and acts may be made or done are—

    (a) persons holding powers-of-attorney, authorising them to make and do such appearances, applications and acts on behalf of such parties;

    (b) persons carrying on trade or business for and in the names of parties not resident within the local limits of the jurisdiction of the Court within which limits the appearance, application or act is made or done, in matters connected with such trade or business only, where no other agent is expressly authorised to make and do such appearances, applications and acts.


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