My btech College not giving original certificates.

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    Dear sir, iam a graduate. At the end of final year i signed a bond to ensure that I would work for one year in a company. But unfortunately owing to health issues i didn’t attend the above said job. And also my all original study certificates are with college itself. When I sought for the study certificates I was told that I must either do job as per the bond else pay ₹ 100000 for breach of contract.
    I cordially request you to suggest me to get my study certificates without pen

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    Was there any condition in the bond / contract that the college authorities have the right to withhold your education certificates till your comply with the bond?

    If there was no such condition then the action of the authorities to withhold the education certificates does not appear to be justified. If the college authorities want, they can take action to enforce the bond against you for your act of not complying with the conditions of joining the company, but they should not withhold the certificates.

    If you had health problems due to which you could not join the company as per the contract, then you should have taken permission by submitting medical certificates and should have properly intimated them. Now, you may have to defend the future action, if any, initiated for enforcing the bond against you. May be, you can try to convince the authorities.

    As regards the education certificates, if the college authorities refuse to handover the documents and illegally withhold them, then you may have to approach the appropriate higher authorities (such as education department) or court / tribunal.


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