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    T Anggo

    Dear sir,
    Kindly guide if it is within legal framework for an major girl to be in live in relationship with a married man with full concent of the both.

    If subject girl is confined forcefully to her house and not in contact with the man, can the man be a party of writ petition on her behalf.

    Will court need some evidence to show her love to the man before entertaining any such petition.

    Where can such petition be filed.

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    A similar question has already been answered by me at the link: Married man in live in relation with unmarried woman – legal provision. Please read that.

    Moreover, another part of your question is covered in the answer at: Freedom from parental detainment and legal provision of live in relationship.

    Please do not ask academic questions, as this Forum is meant only for replying to questions of those who are actually facing real legal problems. It is not meant for answering academic queries.


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