How to reinstate a disowned son?

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    Mother disown her son by writing on a stamp paper and filed in court. Also by publishing in 2 newspaper a Public notice regarding the same, couple of years back. Now the relation between son and mother is cordial and loving. She wants to reinstate him back so that after after her death, son gets share in the property and mother wants him back. The father expired few years back. Now son is taking care of the mother. She wants to give him property, she has with her. What is the procedure to negate the public notice disowning the son, so that after her death, son can have the right on the property and nobody questions his authority? Mother has 1 son unmarried and major and 2 married daughter

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    For this purpose, the mother can use the same method which she used earlier to disown her son. She can file a fresh affidavit in the court (wherever she had filed it earlier), give fresh public notices it in newspapers, etc., of her intent. In addition, if she wants to give her property to her son after her, she can prepare a will in favour of the son and get such will registered.


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