How many times can a person change his lawyer in thr High Court

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    I am in a situation where, with the lawyers Noc I will be appearing for Myself in the High Court. Now, what would happen if I want a lawyer in future? Can I engage one?
    Other than the OP, through my previous lawyer, I have filed 2 applications and At this stage, I want to file 2 applications. Who would guide me on the procedures in the court and how do I list the two applications ASAP as my kid is probably being exposed to serious harm?

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    There is no maximum number prescribed which would apply to the number of times you can change your advocates for a case. Generally speaking, you can obtain NOC from your existing advocate and appoint a new advocate in his place or appear in person yourself. The courts would generally not come in the way when you want to change your advocate for some genuine reasons.

    In your case, you have mentioned that you have taken NOC from your existing advocate and you want to appear yourself in person. That is permissible. You have asked whether it would be possible afterwards to again appoint an advocate in future; the answer is “yes”. It should be possible for you appoint another advocate for your case in future. That should not be a problem, generally speaking.

    See, if you want to appear yourself in court in the two applications, instead of engaging any advocate, then naturally you’ll have to depend on your own knowledge or expertise, or ask for help whosoever can help you. You can also try to find some advocate who can help by charging professional fee for general guidance without court appearance. You’ll have to make efforts for that purpose at your place. Everything has pros and cons.


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