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    Kbr Gopal

    Iam gopal from chennai.I have one passport issued in chennai and one more passport which was issued in trichy.Iam working in afganisthan US army base.I use my chennai passport for travelling.last week when i went to passport office for PCC,they asked me to surrender both passports.I have not used my trichy passport for any travel and it also expired last year.My place of birth is srivilliputhur.but it is wrongly entered as chennai in my chennai passport.I have come now for vacation and should leave by this week end to afganisthan.But still my passport is in passport office but PCC is cleared.I do not what to do now.can you please help me in this regard to get my passport quickly.

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    As I have noted in Can a person get passport during pendency of criminal case?, it is not permissible to have two passports at the same time and it is an offence. However, also see, Travelling to two opposing countries – requirement for 2 passports.

    Please note that under the provisions of the Passport Act, 1967, one of the situations in which the passport authority may impound or revoke a passport or travel document is if the passport or travel document was obtained by the suppression of material information or on the basis of wrong information provided by the holder of the passport or travel document or any other person on his behalf. It is also provided that if the holder of such passport obtains another passport the passport authority shall also impound or cause to be impounded or revoke such other passport.

    While you have not mentioned the full facts, it appears that the passport authority might have taken possession of your passport(s) on the suspicion that you had obtained two passports by the suppression of material information or on the basis of wrong information provided. You’ll have to ascertain the correct factual position from the concerned passport authority. If the authority has already passed or is about to pass an order to impound or revoke your passport(s), you may have to challenge such decision before the appropriate court by justifying why and how you came to have two passports.


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