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    I was appointed as a postal assistant in department of post in the year 2008. The essential education for postal assistant is 12th(higher secondary). But after one year post master ordered me to work as a system manager(technical post). There is no post system manager is existed in department of post as per RTI filed by me and also there is no information given by department when I asked by which rules postal assistant ordered for system manager work. Sir when I appointed i was only 12th passed. superior authority in force the duty of system manager. The duty of system manager was not defined and i don’t about it. After some time i was transferred from that office. After one year of my transfer a fraud found in that office during my period. I was not involved in this fraud but department made me accused alleged that I was failed to do the duty of system manager. Sir How can I responsible for this kindly give me suitable suggestion or Guidelines of supreme court.

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    It is difficult to answer a question like this, which depends wholly on facts of the case, in the absence of having seen the detailed facts of the case. What is the fraud? Is there any loss to the department? What role has been attributed to you? Whether it is negligence attributed to you or your active complicity in the fraud? Was it connected to your lack of expertise in the technical job or was it connected to some general failure to take care or some deliberate or intentional act? Did you protest or refuse to work in the technical job when it was offered to you? It will depend on so many facts, which only a person fully aware of the facts of the case can answer. It would be advisable to consult some local lawyer by showing the full details of the case to him.


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