Girl lodging complaint on guy with whom she tested over a brief period.

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    My friend and a girl met each other over phone texts, and have never seen or met each other anytime (Both unmarried). Its like Phono-friend. They were chatting over texts for a brief period. They had some intimate texts too. Never called each other till date.. The girl responded less frequently but many times she did. The guy did not harass her in any other way like calling over again n again, insisting her to visit him, asking money or to love him etc etc. He was expecting text replies from her as she was doing earlier. However, now she has done a “U” turn and threatening him by saying she would lodge a complaint on him.

    Now, Under what law the guy can be secured.?? As i see guilt fro both side. He doesn’t have any evidence as he deleted them.

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    In the absence of details of messages, it is not possible to say with exactness as to what would be the nature of complaint that could be filed. It could generally be under provisions of stalking (Section 354-D of IPC), or using obscene or abusive language (for example, under S. 509) or under the Information Technology Act (IT Act). You may consult some lawyer by showing him the messages / chat.


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    Thank you very much for the respond and update.
    We are very happy to see the fast communication from your side.
    Heart felt thanks.

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