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    Sir, I was working with an organization where i was paid per duty (I usually have 12 duties a month). One of the other employees went on leave due to some medical problem, so I was asked to do extra duties for her. Before beginning with the duties, I had already asked my employer how would the payment be given to me. My employer informed me that I would be paid accordingly for the extra number of duties. Today, when I received my pay cheque, I did not get any extra amount for the extra duties that I had done. What relief do I have against such an employer who is not paying up my salary? I am even anticipating to leave the job, so i can go to any extent.

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    You have not mentioned in your question as to what is the nature of business / profession / activities of your organisation and what is the nature of your job.

    Anyway, in general, in the absence of full details, I can only say that you may have to approach the labour officer in your area with your complaint.


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