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    Sir, I have filed consumer complaint(Unfair Trade Practice & Deficiency Service) on Z but i also need to file IPC 420 On (Z,Y & X), the case is coming for written version 07/Feb/2019 but the education loan repayment will starts from July 2019, Is there any possibility for me to get relief from education loan or At least i can stop the education loan repayment to till dispose of my case?

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    There has to be a stay order on the repayment of the education loan from the court. So, if the court grants stay on this repayment, you need not pay the repayment till there is stay. Otherwise, you may have to make repayments.

    Second option is if your consumer case is itself completed before the date when the repayment of loan starts and the consumer court decides the case in your favour in such a way that it restrains the bank from collecting repayments or grants you equivalent compensation, etc.


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