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    My brother had got married in January 2017. My brother and his wife stays with my mother in her house in Allahabad. I and my wife stay in UK. This month when I came back from UK, my brother and my mother told me that my sister-in-law(brother’s wife) beats and tortures my mother. Can she file a domestic violence case against her? What all other legal remedies do I have?

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    Firstly, please note that, as I have replied in detail to an earlier question (Can mother file domestic violence case against son and daughter in law?), it is possible under law for a mother-in-law to file case against her daughter-in-law under the provisions of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act if the facts of the case support such a case. Therefore, technically, it is possible for your mother to file a case under the above Act against your sister-in-law.

    Secondly, your mother can also file a case under the relevant provisions of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for the beating / torture, as mentioned by you in your question. Depending on detailed facts of the case, if a cognizable offence is made out, you can file the complaint / FIR with the police station, otherwise a private complaint case can be filed with the Magistrate court.


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