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    Dear all,
    In my wife Written statement she has said her father put 9 tola gold in marraige.But,there is no proof of it nor there it was in writing at the time of marriage.Infact she has her gold..My first question is how can i prove that gold is with her?.My second question is my mother had bought gold (bill on my mother’s name)during marraige time and it is with us,can she claim her right on that gold too..Is it not my mother’s streedhan?

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    Generally, it is “your word” against “my word” in such matters. You can try to give evidence, preferably, of some independent witnesses, if any, to show that she had taken the gold with her. Any photograph of hers, after she left the house, which shows the gold jewellery in question may also help.

    For deciding the question relating to the gold purchased by your mother, one has to see whether this gold was gifted to your wife in connection with the marriage. If it was gifted to her, then it may be included in your wife’s “streedhan” and she may claim it. But, if the gold was never gifted or transferred to your wife, but continued to be wholly or solely owned and possessed by your mother, then it may continue to be the “streedhan” of your mother and in that situation, your wife may not be able to claim it.


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