Diary Number status is pending in Supreme Court, when it wil mov to next status?

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    State Govt has issued a false punishment in 2005 against my father, because of which he has not been getting any of the retirement benefits till date. We filed a case in district civil court against govt and won it in 2010. State Govt kept quite for 5 years and after sending multiple applications to regularize the pension, in 2015 State Govt filed a case in High Court which got dismissed in Feb 2016 due to delay in filing the petition. In 2017 September State Govt has filed a case in h’able supreme court. We have been given a diary number and as on 3rd May 2018 the status of diary number is showing as pending.

    1. What are the chances of getting this case registered in h’able SC?
    2. How long will it take to move the diary number to move to the next status and what would be the status?
    3. If the case gets registered, what are our chances of winning this case?

    Kindly answer !! Thanks so much.

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    Please read the following answers, wherein your question is also covered:

    The case will be listed in the Supreme Court when the defects are removed in the filing of the SLP, whereupon a regular SLP number is given to the case.

    Your second question is already answered in the links given above.

    Regarding your third question, I cannot comment since it depends on the merits of the case as to whether or not a case would succeed.


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