College not returning caution money for one year

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    Hello Sir, I have called my college so many times but they are not refunding my college’s caution money in the given time. It is been almost a year I have submitted the form but the exam cell is delaying the money transfer. And as I remember they charge me 100 rs penalty per day as I deposit my college fee just one day late . So I am fustreted by the college behavior and experience I want o get my caution money back as well as I want peanlty from the college too. What can I do to warn them strictly in this condition?

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    You may first try to pursue with the higher authorities of the college regarding refund of your caution money. If it is not successful, you may try approaching (with your complaint) the Department of College Education of your state (or, any similar department which regulates college education in your state), or the Secretary of Higher Education in your state. If there is an ombudsman appointed for the college or for the colleges in your state, then you may approach him also.

    If these methods are not successful, in the alternative, you can even consider filing a complaint in consumer court under the Consumer Protection Act, because “students” are covered within the meaning of “consumers” since imparting education is a service under the Consumer Protection Act.


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